Case 2

How did the city of Buenos Aires developed a conversational channel that reached 11 million conversations per month per citizen and became a global success?


The Buenos Aires City Government has been working for more than seven years improving the delivery of public services that respond to people´s needs through different media and communication channels, simplifying procedures and reducing processing times. Along this path, the City has been developing different digital products that respond to citizen´s queries from their homes, without having to attend  to a government office. 

A great part of Bleett´s team was responsible for the design and development of Boti, the official WhatsApp channel of the city of Buenos Aires,  aimed at providing a simple, unique and personalised experience for all citizens to interact with government in a more efficient and unique way.

How did we get there?

By working on the design and implementation of an empathetic, close and friendly conversational platform in WhatsApp, the residents of Buenos Aires city have adopted Boti as their preferred channel to solve more than 80 different types of queries.




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