Case 1

How did Meridional Seguros increase efficiency in the use of the conversational channel together with Bleett?


Meridional, an insurance company part of the Canadian Holding Fairfax, well recognized for implementing process innovation and optimization tools to enhance customer service quality.

Four years ago it became a pioneer in the insurance market by using a chatbot to provide a 24-hour virtual assistance service.

Our goal was to design a more personalized experience in a fully automated channel, focusing on reducing the percentage of “Not understood” messages, and the number of users who abandoned the claims reporting flow.

How did we get there?

By working on the integration of its contact channels, multiple customer service processes were solved in an automatic and personalized way, leading to the following results:


percent reduction in the number of referrals to human operators.


percent reduction in the rate of the bot´s not understood messages.


percent increase in the conversion rate of the claims reporting flow.